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A mightily tangled geostrategic web of intrigue and danger

Just when events in the Middle East could not seem to be more complicated, this web of intrigue and danger has become even more complex and intertwined.  People following these events are well aware of the crises wracking the huge stretch of geography from the Eastern Mediterranean and Maghreb through the Middle East and Persian Gulf to the Bay of Bengal.  Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are embroiled in chaos and conflict. The U.S., Saudi Arabia and Iran are actively engaged in disrupting and defeating the mutual threat posed by Da’esh (aka the Islamic State).  But despite the framework agreement to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, these three states [...]

Hills, Bills and spills

Last Sunday, Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The affair was low key relying on Twitter, Facebook and social media where a video was posted.  The slogan “Ready for Hillary” is the current mantra along with “peace, progress and prosperity.”  In ’08 it was “in for the win,”  “ready for change, ready to lead” and then a batch of other lesser slogans. But slogans will not win the next presidential election.  The profoundly crucial question is what will it take to become the next president?  Cynics, realists and professional politicians have a simple answer:  270 electoral votes.  As most people may not know, the U.S. [...]

Bush v Gore 2000 – Cruz v Constitution 2016?

Remember the 2000 presidential elections? Vice President Al Gore won the popular vote. But for thirty-one days after the election, no one knew whether he or Texas Governor George W. Bush had prevailed in Florida winning the needed electoral votes that would determine the nation’s 43rd president.  “Hanging chads” and the spectacular hair-do of Florida’s Secretary of State Kathleen Harris dominated the news as Republicans and Democrats took to the courts to determine the winner. Both sides filed three separate lawsuits. Finally, the most critical case of Bush v. Gore was decided by a 5-4 decision in the Supreme Court.  Divided among along party lines, the decision stopped the recount [...]

IRAN 2015 – are 1914 and 1964 calling?

The March 31st negotiating deadline with Iran over limiting its nuclear programs is upon us. Even if a further extension follows which is likely, suppose at some future point, these negotiations ultimately fail. What options are left? Eerily, chilling parallels with 1914 and 1964 arise. A century ago, the world “sleep walked to war.” The assassinations of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his pregnant wife Sophie lit the fuse for World War I and sowed the seeds for future conflicts.  In August 1964, President Lyndon Johnson used the pretext of a non-existent second set of attacks by North Vietnamese PT boats against two U.S. Navy destroyers to rally a nearly unanimous [...]

Winston Spencer Ghani

Last month when Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu made his ill-advised plea to Congress to scuttle the nuclear negotiations with Iran, fringe Republican elements in Congress, along with right wing fellow travelers, called Bibi the 21st century’s version of  Winston Churchill.  Clearly they must have been referring to Churchill’s flip-flops to and from the Conservative Party as Netanyahu would do vis a vis opposing the two state solution.  Possibly they may have been referring to Churchill’s tenure as First Lord of the Admiralty and the disastrous Gallipoli assault he initiated in 1915 or his five years as Chancellor of the Exchequer after World War I and the monumental economic blunder [...]

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