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Syria 2015 – Spain 1938 OR Sarajevo June 1914?

Windsor Castle, London: Russia’s military intervention in Syria has opened a Pandora’s box of potential crises and frightening scenarios as well as hinting at the slimmest glimmer of an opportunity.  Backing Bashar al Assad along with Shia Iran, Russian President Vladimir Putin has, knowingly or not, declared a de facto war against the Sunnis.  Certainly Saudi Arabia thinks so.  Many Saudi clerics have issued fatwas targeting Russia for Jihad. Russia’s Syrian military deployment is relatively modest.  Several dozens of fighter aircraft, attack helicopters, a small naval armada in the Mediterranean led by a three and a half decades old cruiser and 2000 ground forces supported by anti-air and other defensive [...]

If politics followed golf. . . . . . .

Earlier this month, two television spectaculars entertained tens of millions of viewers. One was political, the Republican Party’s maiden debate in the presidential sweepstakes limited to only “natural born” U.S. citizens (Ted Cruz hopefully is listening.) The other was the PGA Championship, one of golf’s annual four major tournaments with an international field of world-class players. The GOP debate was a two-course delight in which showmanship dominated substance.  The hors d’oeuvres kicked off in quiet, pre prime time featuring seven candidates who lacked sufficient poll numbers to make it to the main event.  The top ten, too, were relatively unknowns except for Jeb Bush who was trying for the “hat [...]

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Barack Obama, a fantastical strategist?

To take  Martin Luther King wildly out of context:  I too have a fantasy. Suppose it is President Barack Obama and not Russian President Vladimir Putin who is the cleverer strategist.  Suppose Mr. Obama cunningly set a trap in Syria for President Putin that either will lead to a negotiated political settlement or embroil Moscow in a Syrian quagmire?  Or is this a dream run amuck in that there is no way that a community organizer turned university law professor could have outwitted and outmaneuvered a former KGB spymaster? Last week was not a good one for either the United States or for President Obama.  The annual UN General Assembly [...]

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Seymour Hersh in wonderland over the killing of Osama bin Laden

The revelations, assertions and accusations made by Seymour Hersh in his “London Review of Books” piece on “The Killing of Osama bin Laden” are worthy of a Nobel Prize for fiction or, better yet, fantasy.  For those who have neither read nor heard of this 10,000 word descent into wonderland, Hersh asserts that the raid that killed bin Laden four years ago was a set-up wonderfully play acted by President Barack Obama and his entire national security team from the Pentagon, State Department and CIA to Capitol Hill and the Pakistani Army and ISI who allegedly had been holding Osama prisoner as a means to control al Qaeda and the [...]

A dear John (McCain) letter

Dear Senator McCain: As you know better than anyone, the Department of Defense and the U.S. military are at greater risk today perhaps than at any time since September 11th.  The principal threat is not al Qaeda, Da’esh or a resurgent China or Russia although a good part of the world remains dangerously unstable.  Nor is sequestration, despite its irrationality and mindlessness, the mortal danger although it will harm the forces. Instead, the Pentagon faces three internal threats provoked by flaws in strategy, personnel policies and explosive cost growth.  If these flaws are not corrected, the predictable outcome will be a “hollow force,” reminiscent of what happened after the Vietnam [...]

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