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Organized crime, support for terrorist phenomenon

Abstract: The attack of September 11, 2001 has changed the approach to the concepts of terrorism and organized crime. Terrorism and organized crime are daily threats to international security and, therefore, it was seriously necessary to study the links between these two phenomena. By their nature, especially the objectives sought and the effects generated in society, activities in the field of organized crime and terrorism are placed, obviously, among offenses. Keywords: terrorism, the phenomenon of cross-border crime, criminal network, fight against organized crime, border police, international police cooperation. A definition of organized crime was formulated  and  presented  at  the  UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime,   adopted   on   November   15,   2000, [...]

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Trends in the international security environment

Abstract: The current security environment is very dynamic and constantly changing. Regionally, in the Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe there are tensions that persist or grow, caused either by transnational criminality or by old ethnic, religious, territorial or separatist disputes to contest existing borders.   Keywords: global security environment, diagram of power relations; regional powers, security structures, globalization, risks and asymmetric threats, international stability. Global security environment is mainly characterized by the following major trends: the acceleration of globalization and regional integration, along with the persistence of actions that aim for state fragmentation; reasonable convergence of efforts to establish a new stable and predictable security architecture, accompanied by heightened anarchic [...]

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The role of information in identifying, investigating and monitoring crises

Abstract: Intelligence information is not different from common information. Nevertheless, the effect is that of optimizing state power and international influence at different levels. During crisis times, these two support the efficient use of force. Sometimes, during a crisis situation the effect goes further and it is done most of all in diplomacy in order to implement foreign policy and less in conceiving it. In both times of peace or war the most significant impact of the informative activity is materialized in its cumulative character and in its less surprising contribution in increasing efficiency and its capacity to influence. Keywords: source of information, informative activity, informative surveillance, spying, international terrorism, [...]

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Methods, instruments and sources of money laundering used for financing international terrorism

Abstract: In order to study the way in which in the contemporary world profits are 'washed' as a result of illegal  activities  and  the  routes  that  money  go  through,  involves   complex  investigations  and  a considerable amount of work. Countries that have regulated as a independent criminal offense, the offense of money laundering, have also included in its scope those actions taken to achieve hiding the illicit origin of values from committing this offense. The mixing of legal and illegal profits and the reporting of the total earnings from the business as the legal means for money laundering. Through this practice, all cycle stages of money laundering are combined .Financial funds [...]

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