Trump’s Foreign Policy Will Be Put on Trial During Pompeo’s Confirmation

President Donald Trump has finally administered the long awaited coup de gras to his befuddled secretary of State, former oil executive Rex Tillerson. By all accounts, ex-Boy Scout and long-term Exxon chairman Tillerson was an honorable man. However, success in the private sector is not always followed by success in government. History will record Tillerson’s short tenure as unimpressive and, worse, as presiding over the demise of the State Department and the Foreign Service. Former Congressman and CIA Director Mike Pompeo, long rumored as Tillerson’s replacement, will take over—maybe. Now the fun and games begin. First, Pompeo must be confirmed by the Senate. This will offer the Foreign Relations Committee [...]

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Gambitul pe sârmă sau Kim-Trump, jocul politic al secolului XXI

Rex Tillerson a părăsit Departamentul de Stat după 405 zile de activitate. Preşedintele Donald Trump l-a numit pe Rex Tillerson Secretar de Stat pentru că i-a plăcut modul de succes în care a condus compania Exxon, iar figura lui de texan îl impunea în faţa audienţei. Din păcate, Rex Tillerson nu a reuşit să dezvolte o relaţie constructivă cu departamentul pe care l-a condus. El nu a folosit resursele departamentului, bazându-se numai pe un mic grup de apropiaţi. Încercarea de a restructura o structură diferită de cea corporatistă, a dat greş. Nu este surprinzător faptul că mulţi diplomaţi experimentaţi au abandonat nava. De asemenea, Tillerson a fost în dezacord cu [...]

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Time to assess the second amendment

Re-assess the Second Amendment?  Most people would reject the notion at face value. Others would be more critical. After all, only one amendment, the 18th that prohibited the sale and use of alcoholic beverages, was ever repealed.  And most Americans believe that the right to bear and carry arms is sacrosanct. Yet, beyond the terrible toll gun violence is taking on the nation—-and the horrific killings in a Florida school last week are the latest outrage—-there is another fundamental reason for re-examining this amendment.  The amendment reads “A well regulated militia, necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to bear and carry  arms shall [...]

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Hawaii alert was a false alarm, but danger is real

Two weeks ago, air raid sirens and tweets of an incoming attack resounded throughout Pearl Harbor and the Hawaiian Islands. The last time such an alert was issued in earnest was 76 years ago when Japanese bombers struck battleship row and other U.S. military facilities early on the morning of Dec. 7, 1941. This time, for nearly 40 minutes, the threat of North Korean missiles destroying Honolulu, possibly with nuclear warheads, was no longer remote. Fortunately, no missiles had been launched. It turned out that human error caused the alert and the subsequent outright fear of many who understandably believed the end was in sight. The lesson from this erroneous [...]

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Trump’s Grandest Goal: To Make the Truth Irrelevant

The United States has weathered and survived a revolution, a civil war, two world wars, one cold war, economic depressions, and the perils of a government too often paralyzed in gridlock because of the extreme polarization of its politics. Yet, unintended dangers to the nation have also arisen as consequences of profoundly misguided actions by its government. During the 20th century, despite laws and policies that discriminated on the basis of sex, race or political involvement, I would argue that the single most destructive piece of legislation was the 18th Amendment, which prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol. The 18th Amendment produced widespread contempt and disregard for the law [...]

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